why is there something rather than nothing

Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed. So why is there anything in the first place? As Alan Watts put it “nothing would have been easier.” Isn’t existence a violation of the kind of conservational principle that the universe is built on?

Yes! Hmm actually I don’t really know. That’s why I’m asking the same question that’s been left unresolved for millennia (not for lack of trying). Maybe god did it? Maybe the big bang did it? Maybe nothing did it? It just happened and that’s that. Bertrand Russell said that existence is just a “brute fact” that we have to accept. Fair enough. Well another brute fact that I can’t escape is this insatiable curiosity that rejects brute facts and drives me to understand “why”. Why anything?

And here is the heart of the question, the perennial intention, hidden deep down: If I figure out how and why it all started maybe that’ll reveal what I should be doing right now. I’ll finally know how to live. I can’t operate in total ambiguity forever. I want answers. I want to make sense of reality.

So I’ll continue to figure out what came first… “The strange case of causality”