The Call

I don’t like trying. It reminds of all my imagined failures. But there comes a time in every young, er, um, middle aged man’s life where he needs to make a decision. Any decision (for the love of god, please!) And thankfully this could be at any moment, or even not at all. Sure my fears are well founded. I will probably suck at any new thing that I try. That’s the nature of whatever the fuck this wondrous horrifying thing is that we’re doing. As good old Wattsy likes to say: If you only did what you were good at, you wouldn’t to anything.”

Ok, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. A bold strategy indeed. So far so good… I’ve done pretty much nothing (challenging) for quite sometime, hoping that by some kind of astonishing magic I’d live out my wildest dreams by just dreaming. Well even magic requires some form of action. A spell, a ritual, belief, ya know, these types of things. So here’s my first one. Call it a sigil. My higher self is singing out to me. Will I heed the call? Yes!

I’m going to draw…

Me deciding to draw for fun and profit