• the benefit of doubt

    “Perfect is the enemy of good”~Voltaire What the fuck am I doing here? We all wonder this from time to time and we receive a

  • how derping changed my life

    Imagine living most of your life half asleep. This is mainly a defence mechanism designed to protect you from facing up to the “harsh realities”

  • Choose Life

    Memento Mori! Remember you will die! I’m getting my ass cheeks clapped for the umpteenth time on super smash bros ultimate. Having a 1v1 with

  • don’t hustle … unless you want to

    Desire makes the difference Michael Jordan Everything worthwhile operates on a knife’s edge. Don’t hustle! That’s what I say, but why? There’s always a motivation,

  • I am a big bad wolf

    Everyone has a battle going on inside them. It’s fought between two wolves. One of the wolves is good and the other bad. Which one

  • there’s only one thing worth doing

    Everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that could happen. Chris Prentiss I remember reading this and thinking: Wow! What a load