don’t hustle … unless you want to

Desire makes the difference

Michael Jordan

Everything worthwhile operates on a knife’s edge. Don’t hustle! That’s what I say, but why? There’s always a motivation, sometimes a hidden intention behind every action. Even if the act you’re committing is “only” speaking. We’re creatures of action, so we’re naturally going to indulge in some measure of hustling from time to time. Balance as always is the not so secret ingredient.

Hustling is a waste of energy (which is why I advise against it) if your reason for doing so is to prove something to others or your self, if you think that the external prizes that you might win will change your internal state (In general this is a good rule of thumb, but of course there’s nuance here, being miserable and owning a jet is probably more fun than being miserable in prison, someone said once. And you probably need to hustle to get the jet).

A flat mate of mine started producing the most extravagant psychedelic art I’ve ever seen. Seemingly out of nowhere. I asked him how he fostered such a prodigious talent so quickly. To my shock there was no Faustian bargain involved, he just really liked what he was doing (ah yes another obvious “secret”… “enjoy the journey”). So if you dig what you do, hustle away.